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Thursday, 20 March 2014

GAME OVER: Wizkid Makes Fun of Tania on Instagram [SEE]

Seems like Tania is tired of Wizkid’s constant cheating, neglects, and not giving her any time at all, a source close to the couple disclosed.

We once reported that they broke up sometime last year and yes they did break up and later made up deciding to give their relationship one more try… Few months later Wizkid returns to his old ways and now that his album release is coming closer, the tour for the summer coming up and all its better they call it quit now before someone gets hurt.

Tania posted a photo sub on her instagram page saying “Just because you love someone so much, does not mean they are the right one for you”.... See pics after the cut:

Few days later, Wizkid caught his sub and decided to make fun of what is left of his girls choosing the studio over and also posted a photo of the face he makes anytime he slides in her… Well that should really hurt.

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