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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Heavily Pregnant Woman Boasts Of Weightlifting Hours Before Baby's Birth (SEE PHOTOS)

Meet a woman who is crazy about weightlifting and couldn't stop her workout despite being heavily pregnant and almost ready to deliver a baby in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.
Even after a 33-year-old Meghan Leatherman learnt about her pregnancy she never thought to stop her workout even for a short time. She continued to go to the gym four times a week, walk her dog for 5km a day and go on a 6,5 hike through the mountains every week.
See more photos below:

A fitness addict adheres strictly to the regime that includes weightlifting, gymnastics and cardio rainings. After giving birth to a healthy 3kg daugher, Meghan said that both of them are feeling good and the process of baby delivery was rather easy.
The irrepressible mother confessed that she coul not wait to resume training in just three weeks. In the photos you can see a 9 month-pregnant Meghan Leatherman who lifts a heavy weight at the gym.
The woman said that she felt confident in what she was doing as she was supported not by her coach and husband, but also by her doctor. She even said her pregnancy hormones actually made it easier for her to lift weights and set new records.
Meghan considers that women shouldn’t be criticised for trying to stay active and healthy while their pregnant, and should not use pregnancy as an excuse to get lazy.

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