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Thursday, 15 May 2014

Beyonce & Jay Z's wedding ring tattoos no more visible (PHOTOS)

If pictures are anything to go by, then Jay Z and Beyonce have removed their matching wedding ring finger tattoos.The inked the IV' tattoos on their left-ring fingers in 2008 - due to her birthday (Sept. 4), Jay Z's birthday (Dec. 4), and their wedding (Apr. 4)..

It has been revealed that Beyonce's tattoo was noticeably absent about a month before the fight and JayZ followed recently..The tattoo usually served as her wedding ring she doesn't wear her $5 million 18-carat diamond Lorraine Schwartz bauble.
See More photos below:
Noone knows if they felt they had outgrown the tats or its an indication that their marriage is slowly crumbling ..So sites report that they have been having issues which Beyonce talked about in some tracks on her latest album.They say they are sticking together for the camera's because that's where their strength and power lies "Together as a power couple"

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