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Monday, 28 April 2014

Why I Exposed My B00bs At The Restaurant ––Actress Jesse

  Guys we now have a confirmed 'I don't give a damn' babe in Nollywood and the first strange thing is her name – she's known as Nazareth Jesse Bako. Sounds strange abi? Anyway, here's what she has to say:

I'm an actress. I am the firstborn from a family of eight. I am Gwari from Kuje Area Council, in Abuja. I was born in Jerusalem, but I was brought up in Bida town, Niger State. I attended the
University of Abuja where I studied Economics, but I had my OND in Business Admin at Federal Polytechnic, Bida. Growing up, things were difficult for me because I had this belief that flashy things were sinful until I realised that everything was created by God for us to profit from.

As an actress, can you act nudé?
I'd go any length to act nudé, as long as it goes with my terms. It would be between me and my employer.

The craziest stunt you ever pulled? That would be showing off my breast in a restaurant. It was a bet of truth and dare...

  Your journey into acting

Making it into the industry was just God’s grace. I started acting professionally in 2006, when I was still in school, but I got into the industry in 2001. I had passion for acting but I decided that when I was done with schooling, I would get a job. But after several applications and I couldn’t get a job, I decided to remain in show business. I got into Nollywood when I met a super star whom I told I loved to act. If I spent those years in school acting, I would have been in Hollywood by now. But I still love to practise my profession. If there is a vacancy anywhere in the world, I am ready to go.

I am in no competition with anyone. It is fine if any artiste gets to the limelight before me. If I get there before any one, I will wish them good luck. The sky is wide for everyone to fly. I try to mind my business, and for the fact that I am based in Abuja, I see less of some actors.

Parental support
My parents are the best. Initially, they didn’t like the idea because of the impression people had about the industry especially about sexual harassment. Since they want me to be happy, they realised they could not stop me because people kept telling them they saw their daughter on television.

I cannot really tell the mind of people but I guess some see me as a controversial person, while others see me as an innocent girl. I am just one lovely person who appreciates people no matter their belief and nature.

Frank Artus, a Ghanaian actor, and I are friends but we are not dating each other. One guy kept seeing my display profile on Blackberry Messenger and asked if I was crazy about him, and I said yes, because he is kind-hearted. I am single and waiting for the right man that God has ordained for me.

Your Ideal man
My ideal man is someone who has the fear of God; someone who is caring and romantic. Above all, he must be well-to-do; he must have achieved what it takes to face responsibility of matrimony. I like my man to be mature, presentable in terms of speech, dressing and looks. He must be intelligent too.

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