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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

VIRUS ALERT! Ebola Virus Update Epidemic Spread In Guinea, Confirmed Cases In Liberia, Nigeria on Alert?

According to the latest news, the Ebola outbreak has already killed 78 people in Guinea and moved to Liberia. Senegal shot borders.
Official within the Medecins Sans Frontieres, MSF, organization that is currently working in Guinea to determine all the current and suspected cases and stop the spreading, says the current spread of this fatal disease is of "a magnitude never before seen."
There were two confirmed cases of ebola in Liberia, two sisters, one of whom had returned from Guinea.
Reacting to the growing concern, Senegal already closed its very busy border with Guinea.
According to the Senegal's Health Minister Awa Marie Coll-Seck, the government of Senegal decided to close the border after it was confirmed that the virus had reached Conakry.

"When it used to be only in the south of Guinea, we didn't do anything special. But now that it's reached Conakry, we believe it's safer to close our borders," Coll-Seck said.
"We have also closed all weekly markets, known as luma, in the south. And we're having some discussions with religious leaders regarding big religious events."

There were some suspected cases of ebola disease in Sierra Leone, not confirmed yet.
First cases of ebola were reported in mid-March, Guinea.
Ebola is a highly contagious disease killing 25%-90% of those infected.

Right now, Nothing shows that the Nigerian government is showing any concern as it is confirmed it has spread to other west African countries.

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