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Sunday, 13 April 2014

SEE What Has Happened To The Mystery River In Enugu

Like an episode of a funny dream, the Enugu mystery ‘Pool of Bethesda’ has dried up. The only permanent thing in the world is change, and change has taken place. Less than four months after its inundation, the popular Enugu mystery pool has dried up to surprised of those who were making money from it.
But some people are not giving up. They are excavating the soil in a bid to get whatever is left of the pool, just as new visitors who had come for healing in the pool are ready to pay anything to get a cup of water.
As days become weeks and weeks become months, many have realised that the pool has gone back to where it came from and the town itself which instantly became a tourist destination a few months back, has had a fair share of the change in fortunes.
The town has become like a ghostly abandoned place. Anyway, the villagers are hoping the pool will suddenly show up again so they can continue to make money for survival.

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