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Monday, 14 April 2014

PHOTOS: Father Sacrifices Himself To Save Son, As Lorry Runs Him Over

An heroic Chinese father sacrificed himself to save his son's life by pushing him to safety from the path of a lorry.
47-year-old son Yong had been travelling on an electric scooter driving his 71-year-old father into the city, in the Fujian Province of the country.
As suddenly the truck smashed in to their scooter, dragging both of the men behind, in Quanzhou City in southeastern China. See more photos below:

The harrowing images show the father bravely rolling his son away from the wheels of the truck.
Even as the lorry ran over his legs, he was still trying desperately to grab and push Yong away to safety.

Seconds later the father's chest was run over, when ambulence arrived the old man was already dead.
Yong was consoled by emergency crews and treated for shock.
The truck driver, who reportedly ran from the scene of the accident, has been arrested.
The case is still under investigation.

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