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Monday, 28 April 2014

My mum advised me against posing nude – Cossy Orjiakor

Cossy Orjiakor, who many would consider as Nollywood’s N0 1 bad girl, engages JAYNE AUGOYE in a sober reflection
Forget about all the notoriety that actress and singer Cosy Ojiakor has garnered over the years, she is also a passionate human being who wants to love and be loved. Her breasts may be one of the most frequent objects in the media, she says she has her restraints and moral lines she cannot cross.
This is the impression she gives in an interview with our correspondent on Monday. Call it a sober Easter chat with Cossy, and you would not be far from the truth. According to her, she cannot, for instance, pose or act nude in any movie. Indeed, she does not believe she has ever done so. Even when reminded that her big breasts appear to always be ‘on air’, she tries to convince one that the essential portion of the boobs – her nipples – are always concealed. In her own calculation, therefore, she cannot be said to have been posing nude.
But she has a reason why she will not throw off her dress for any fee: Her mother, with whom she says she maintains a very cordial relationship, has warned her against doing so.
She says, “I have a cordial relationship with my followers on social media and I block people who say negative things about me because I just don’t like the negative vibes. So if people see a picture I took by 2 am and see it is offensive, then it is okay by me. Truth is I have a very good heart and am very emotional to people I care about. But no matter what I do, I always remember my mother’s advice that, no matter what I do, I must never go nude in a movie or outside the set. I can’t do anything for money if my comfort is at stake.”

The light-skinned act who embraced controversy with her half erotic show in Fuji artiste Obesere’s, music video, Apple Juice, has not been active in Nollywood in recent years. She delved into music and says she is doing well despite the fact that she has not been featuring in big shows. She adds that she shares music experience with her mother.
“My mum actually has a first degree in music from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka and a master’s degree in Mass Communication. I grew up amidst pianos and guitars in my parents’ house and more so, my mum sings,” Cossy says.
“I have a studio in the house and I have been told I have a good voice. My mum did not contribute to the scoring of the songs on my album even though we were supposed to work on a song together. She works with the Immigration Service so she has no time. But when we eventually do, it has to be a very good song, probably a mother and daughter song.”.
The lady that stared in 2009 film, Itohan, says the stress of acting is too much compared to the money producers offer.
Her words, “I don’t know about the other actors who say they get millions and billions but I remain a realistic person. I can never go on the set of a movie if I don’t know the producer no matter the money involved. I’m not doing music to compete with anybody and I am not really looking to get all of these big endorsements because I am in music for the love of it. Yes money is part of the reason why I am doing music but during my launch I know how much my friends and relatives paid to get my album. Even before the video came out I had made all the money I spent 100 per cent over. I have been on tour in Lagos, Abuja and south Africa and the reception is always cool. If I take pictures and talk about the places I have been to, the whole city will run mad.”
Despite the bad press and negative publicity she regularly gets, the actress’ life can be likened to an open book. She has shared pictures of her parents and tastefully furnished apartment in Lekki on Twitter, her broken sex toy, among many other personal raunchy details. How do men relate to her in this light and does she have any hope of hooking any of them?
“Most men notice my boobs when they meet me for the first time,” she declares. “They touch each other, arguing whether or not they are real. It will take a man with a lot of guts to walk up to me and approach me. But I believe in marriage and hope to eventually marry and have kids of my own.”

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