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Sunday, 6 April 2014

"My most romantic moment was when my boyfriend gave me a brand new lexus jeep" Lizzy Gold Onuwaje

Remember her?Last month, she said no poor man should look at her picture because she dates millionaires & billionaires..She also said bank alerts turn her on..When asked about her most romantic moment, while other ladies say dinner for 2,movies,flowers..This is what Lizzy Gold told Punch...

“It was when my present boyfriend got me a car. Actually, he didn’t let me know that he wanted to get me a car. I was driving a small Kia car when we met. He told me the car was very small. So one day, he just called me over to Lagos, because he was about to travel out of the country. So I flew down,when I got to the airport, he drove down a brand new Lexus Jeep. He told me it’s mine, but I didn’t believe him. So he brought out the documents and they were all bearing my name.Automatically, I knelt down and started crying. I was just wet with happiness and tears of joy” Lol she is all about her money...

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