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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Married Man To Pay $1,800 For Breaking Girlfriend's Virginity In Zimbabwe

A married Zimbabwean man who broke his girlfriend's virginity and later reneged on his promise to marry her was last Monday [Mar. 24] ordered to pay $1,800 for seduction and breach of promise charges.

A Zimbabwean magistrate, Marehwanazvo Gofa, made the landmark ruling after it found Matthew Simango guilty of failing to honour his promise to marry the woman who could not be named to protect her dignity.
The jilted woman had initially asked for $5,000 damages, saying she had only consented to Simango's sexual demands after he promised to fund her tertiary studies in addition to marrying her. In his defence, Simango claimed:"I could not marry her since I discovered that she was not a virgin and we had only met once when I proposed to her. We later went to a lodge where we had sex."

However, the woman denied the claims saying she had passed her church's virginity tests before her encounter with Simango.
In her ruling, Gofa said Simango's evidence lacked consistency;when proving that you breached the promise to marry her claiming that she was not a virgin, I took into account all the evidence brought before the court

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