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Monday, 7 April 2014

LESBIANISM: The Day A Rich Woman Slapped Me For Refusing To Sleep With Her - Actress Reveals

Upcoming Nollywood actress, Happiness Effiong also known as Shakira in a recent interview how she was slapped by a rich woman, her first love amongst other things:

On being in love
I found my first love at the age of 22 and we broke up. So, I’m not in love with any guy now, because Nigerian guys are not worth falling love with. They are game players. I have been heartbroken thrice and I wouldn’t want to suffer another one.

On being her fault that she was jilted thrice
I don’t think it was my fault. It was the guys. That’s why some girls choose to be lesbians.

On ever considering being a lesbian after several heart breaks
God forbid. I never thought about being a lesbian when men disappointed me. There was a day a rich woman saw me at the Federal Palace Hotel, Lagos and she attempted to lure me into sleeping with her, but I
refused and she slapped me and I retaliated.
She promised to buy me a car, get me a good apartment, and also get me lead roles in movies. But I rejected her offer. The next time she saw me, she tried once again to convince me to sleep with her, but I warned her to stay away, so she slapped me and I did not waste time to retaliate. That was how she gave me some space. Unfortunately, the next time I saw her, she was with an upcoming actress.
Shakira who was born in 1991, aside being an actress is a professional dancer and a member of Good News Dance Troupe.
The Akwa Ibom-born actress came into limelight after she featured in a movie ‘Seven Book of Moses’which she played the role of an angel and she has since featured in other movies like: ‘Four Boys, Satanic Class.

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