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Monday, 14 April 2014

GOOD SAMARITANS: Nigerians, Foreigners Turn Up In Large Numbers To Give Blood To Bomb Blast Victims

The National Blood Transfusion Service, NBTS, in Asokoro has seen an impressive amount of people coming to donate blood to save victims of Monday's attack.
The gore scene left behind by the Nyanya blast is one that wont be forgotten too soon, as it left scores dead and a whole others lying in critical conditions in hospitals.
Hope if however not completely lost for the survivors as the general public has taken it to heart to ensure their survivor. While the medical team battle to save lives, the rest of Abuja residents are doing their part by donating blood.
The Asokoro General Hospital has seen an large turnout of people, both Nigerians and foreigners coming to give pints of their own blood to save lives.
Check out photos below:

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