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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Actress Nuella Is My Missing Rib ––Tchidi Finally Dumps Wife and Three Sons

 It appears that Tchidi Chikere has finally sealed any chance of his wife and three sons having a chance to have a feel of their family, the way it used to be. The movie director said he has finally found his missing rib since he met actress Nuella Njubigbo and now that they are married, he's been enjoying peace.

Below is what Tchidi told Encomium about the issues:

"I have the support of my family, who have fully accepted Nuella. Having concluded all the traditional rites, she is now with me in Mbaise. My people have given her wrappers and taken her to the farm. We are so, so happy. This looks more like my first marriage. Infact, Nuella is my missing rib."
...I just hope this Nuella love won't stop Tchidi from sending his sons to school as that would be too bad!

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