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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

21-year-old Lover flee after girfriend fell down a well while they were having $ex

A man bolted after his girlfriend fell in a well while they had $ex on top near a Spanish park. The 21-year-old was making love with her partner when the cover of the waterwheel well shaft came loose, sending her plummeting 15m into the water below.But rather than trying to rescue her, he pulled up his trousers in a panic and fled the scene.The half-naked woman was rescued by firefighters

Emergency services later received an anonymous phone call which was believed to have been made by him.
He was not found at the scene when they arrived
The woman, who was suffering from shock and hypothermia, was pulled from the water by firefighters and taken to hospital, She was soaking wet and was wearing no underwear....

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