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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Top 10 things you should never do when drunk

Let’s admit it – everyone has done some pretty embarrassing and regrettable stuff whiledrunk. Some decisions you regret then and there, others haunt you the morning after. Here are 10 things that you should never do once under the influence of alcohol.

1. Make Plans

“We should totally go on a road trip to Jaisalmer in October!” “Let’s come back here again tomorrow night – this place rocks!” 99/100 times these plans never really materialize. And what is more, for every person excited about ‘the plan’ the next day, there is another who questions their decision-making ability while inebriated.
2. Get Into Fights

Getting drunk and then getting into a fight is almost like a rite of passage every guy has gone through. Confidence levels soar in direct proportion with the alcohol level in the bloodstream – and what follows next is never a pretty sight. And we cannot emphasize enough on how totally uncool they make you look.
3. Talk Shop
Never, ever respond to official mails or calls when under the influence. Trust us, nothing good is going to come out of it. In all possibilities, you will end up typing something that does not suit business mails. Official communication can wait till you have sobered up. On another note – and if you have not guessed already – don’t let go of your inhibitions when in an official party, either.
4. Drunk Text

This is probably something that everyone has done in their drinking career. Once you hit ‘send’ on a soppy embarrassing text, you cannot take it back. Old flames, present crushes, people you are no longer friends with – there is no end to the list of people your mind will conjure up once you are drunk. Really bro, that’s a one-way street to Embarrass City!
5. Drive Drunk

Nothing funny about this one – you become a danger to yourself, the people in your car and everyone else on the road. It can suck to have a designated driver when you are out with your crew for a night of fun – but that’s how you make sure you reach back home alive or don’t end up in jail.
6. Shop Online

Drinking + Internet Access = Total Mayhem.
There are many reasons for this, but buying totally useless crap online is a major one. When your br*in is not functioning properly, getting ‘Game of Thrones’ tees with all the houses might seem like the coolest thing to do ever. The morning after, not so. Believe it or not, drunk shopping has actually been boosting online retail for years now – the highest traffic recorded between 11 pm to 1 am.
7. Overshare Emotions

Whether you do it live with the people you are drinking with, or online through sad Facebook status updates or tweets – there are just two words for you. Nobody cares. Really! Not only do you kill the good vibes, you also make a spectacle of yourself that you will totally regret the next day.
8. Try New Dance Moves

Talking about making a spectacle, one of the worst things to do when you are drunk is trying that new dance move you have always wanted to. Chances are – your coordination is going to be so off, you are either going to end up in a YouTube funny dance video your friends will upload – or you are going to do some serious injury to yourself. Heck, in worst case scenarios, the two can happen together!
9. Take Selfies

Trust us, your Facebook friends and Instagram followers can do without the 698th blurry, dark, faux swag selfie you itch to take the moment you are five drinks down. While this applies to girls usually, men are guilty of this crime too.
10. Be Spontaneous And Rash

This last point includes in its ambit every single thing that potentially has life-changing consequences. From getting a tattoo to getting married to getting arrested – trust us, it is not so funny the day after

To the wise, this list was not necessary. To the others, well…

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