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Saturday, 22 March 2014

I Can't Marry A Poor Man Bcos Poor Men Are Violent ––Actress

Back in the days when we were growing up, poor men love their wives more while rich men live care-free life with their wives and other women. The men who are classified as poor do not have time for other women but their wives and they make sure they use the little they have to bring comfort to their family.

But to today's ladies, poverty is a disease, a curse. Here's what this struggling actress, Florence Johnson, told a reporter about "poor" men. She said there is no way she will marry a poor man because a poor man is, in her own understanding, a violent man. Her words below:
"I am not particular about super rich dudes and of course I can never marry a poor man because I’m not poor and a poor man is a violent man. If he’s got a consistent job and doing averagely okay, that’s fine by me, we can take it up from there and build our own empire together."

The truth is that many rich men yesterday are broke and busted today and there are a lot of average guys who were, in the eyes of ladies, poor but they are doing great today. Ladies, please stop putting money ahead of love. The man you call poor today might become a governor or president tomorrow.

Goodluck Jonathan had no shoes yesterday, but today Madam Patience husband is the president. Be guided!

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