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Monday, 24 March 2014

How I became a chronic lesbian – Woman confesses to T.B Joshua (PICTURED)

Whether it’s addressing contentious issues on Facebook, prophesying world calamities or witnessing celebrity ‘deliverances’ in his Lagos-based
church, the name of controversial Nigerian Pastor T.B. Joshua can’t seem to leave the news of late.
The events of his church service broadcast live via Emmanuel TV on Sunday 23rd March 2014 proved to be no different as The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) witnessed the confession of two lesbians who said ‘demons’ were behind their lifestyle.
Maria Terese George from Delta State, Nigeria explained to the congregation that her poverty-stricken background pushed her to seek help from an older lady. However, she had ulterior motives in promising to help the attractive 19 year old. “She took me to a club where we went drinking,” Maria explained while speaking in the packed church. 
“She took me to her house and started touching me. Because I was drunk, I responded.”

The day after this drunken encounter, Maria had an unusual dream. “A
half-naked lady came to me in the dream and fed me with rice, stew and
meat.” Upon waking up, Maria’s affection for men disappeared and she began to admire her fellow females. 
“That was how the spirit of lesbianism entered me. I noticed that whenever I saw a female that was busty and curvy, I would always admire their features… I became a chronic lesbian,” she admitted.
“The same lady who introduced her to lesbianism brought her into a local
prostitution ring, assuring her that the riches she desired could easily be
attained. If I needed money, I would go to meet men who were very rich -
politicians and businessmen – but if I wanted to enjoy sex or feel ‘real’
love, I would go for a woman.”
Prostitution led Maria to a neighbouring African country where her immoral lifestyle seemed only to worsen. However, resources disappeared as readily as they arrived. After several years of frustration, she decided it was time to return to Nigeria.
“When I came back, I called some of my old partners for connections,” Maria explained. “They started laughing at me and told me they are now married with kids.” Maria was perplexed. She never thought it possible for one to leave lesbianism after tasting it.
“I was confused and asked them what they meant. All four of them
independently told me they went to T.B Joshua’s church for deliverance,” much to the delight of the crowd. “Maybe The SCOAN doesn’t know that they have delivered a lot of lesbians,” she added.
Making up her mind to visit the church based in Ikotun-Egbe, Lagos, her
resolve was immediately followed by a terrible nightmare. “That half-naked woman came to me in the dream and said, ‘Look – you think you
can leave me! Go and pick up a knife and kill yourself.’ “Upon waking,
Maria immediately packed her bags and left for The SCOAN that morning.
After the ‘deliverance’, Maria testified to a total transformation. “I no
longer have affection for women. When I see any woman, I don’t feel it
again – I see you as a sister or as my mother. I am seeing myself now as a
woman that will settle with a man.” Advising people, the former lesbian
told the congregation, “This lesbian spirit is a very stubborn spirit – it
takes the grace of God for it to leave you.”

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