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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

HEARTBREAKING PHOTOS:Families of missing MH370 passengers clash with police during protest

 Relatives of the passengers killed on board missing flight MH370 today staged furious protests after receiving the news that there were no survivors on board the Malaysian Airlines plane.
They stormed the Malaysian embassy in Beijing expressing their fury at the way the Malaysian government handled the search.They were bitter about the various stories the government released,giving them hopes only to dash it 17 days later .They were even more angry,they got the news that the plane is inside the Indian Ocean by text messages.Throwing water bottles at the building, they demanded audience with the Malaysian ambassador
They chanted slogans like " 'Return our relatives" and 'The Malaysian government are murderers'
'MH370, Don't let us wait too long!' and "'1.3 billion people are waiting to greet the plane'."
The grieving relatives also wore matching T-shirts that read: 'Best of luck to MH370, return home safely.'
More photos below

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