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Friday, 28 March 2014

For real? If your lover doesn't yawn quickly enough after you do they may not love you

 According to scientists, if you want to know if your partner loves you, yawn and see how quickly,they yawn back.If your lover doesn't yawn back quickly,they could be problems ahead .They say the contagious nature of yawns can actually reveal a lot about a relationship's health.

Science writer Sam Kean believes a yawn can reveal true love, as humans don't pick up contagious yawning until 4 or 5.

" In a 2011 study, Italian researchers observed more than 100 men and women from four continents as they went to work, ate in restaurants and sat in waiting rooms.
When one of the volunteers yawned, the researchers noted whether anyone within a 10ft radius ‘caught’ the yawn – that is, yawned within the next three minutes.Their results showed that race and gender had no effect on whether the uncontrollable urge to yawn was passed on. But how well the two people knew each other did. Continue.....

The scientists noticed that yawns move more quickly from senders to catchers when relationships are close.
The delay between yawn and response was shorter for acquaintances than for strangers, suggesting that the closer, more familiar, more attached you are to the potential 'catchee,' the more likely he or she will promptly return the yawn" So next-time you yawn in-front of your lover,watch him/her.I bet you just yawned now..Lol

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