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Monday, 24 March 2014

Dora Akunyili Is Seriously Sick Yet Doctors Can't Find Anything

This is why many people don't like fighting for the masses while in office in Nigeria, because the cabal you are fighting will attack you with both physical and spiritual means. Is Dora Akunyili under spiritual attack?
Former minister of Information, Dora Akunyili, is seriously sick and under close medical supervision. Early in the year, it was reported that Madam Akunyili was suffering severe health challenges and was flown abroad for treatment. There were also reports that her husband, Chike Akunyili, had confirmed she was ill.

Her husband, Mr Akunyili, tried to downplay the issue. He had said:

“Yes, she suffered some minor health challenges but she is now okay. She is in the United States. I spoke with her today. What happened was that our son said she should come over and rest. You know all our children are abroad. She will soon return to the country and we will show up in a public gathering. There is a couple that wants us to sponsor their wedding. Both of us will appear in public. She is now okay.”But members of their family are saying her situation is now getting critical...

Madam Akunyili, who did a good job in NAFADAC, fighting her Igbo brothers who are into fake drugs biz, has not been seen in any public event since November 16, 2013. Some of them threatened her openly then.

According to a relative of Mrs Akunyili, who spoke on condition of anonymity, she is currently having serious health challenges. The source said she has been flown to India for treatment but after series of medical tests, the doctors couldn’t diagnose the ailment.

”We are deeply concerned about our sister (Prof. Akunyili), her illness defies medical intervention,” the family source said. “She has been to India, the doctors could not diagnose her illness. She has visited Pastor Adeboye and yet her illness persists. This is worrisome, and distressing.”

Another source who visited her in her home in Abuja confirmed that Dora Akunyili's health is deteriorating.

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