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Saturday, 29 March 2014

4 Tips to Give a Woman Powerful Orga$ms that will make her ask for MORE

The main reason  more than 70% of women say they NEVER achieve an orgasm during $ex is because a large majority of men out there have no idea how to really satisfy a woman in bed. Any man can impregnate a woman. Easy. But to satisfy her in bed and make her want more, only REAL men do that.
 1 - Become a Student of the Female Body - One of the main reasons why it is really hard for a man to pleasurably satisfy their women is because they do not have a good idea of the woman's body.

What most men usually do during $ex is follow their animal instinct and even though this is great for reproduction, it does not allow you to help her enjoy the $ex.

 2 - Relaxation - In order to have an orgasm, a woman needs to have a clear mind and she has to be relaxed with you. Take the NEXT statement seriously: 99% of a woman's orga$m is mental.

While a man does not need any of those 2 in order to have an orgasm, these things are important for women. Distractions and disturbances are going to make it hard for her to have an orgasm.

Keep that in mind the next time you are making love to her.

3 - Emotional Foreplay - Where does $ex start for you and your partner? For most couples, $ex only starts when they are both in bed around 1am in the morning. No wonder you are not enjoying the $ex.

A woman is a very emotional person and when you understand this, you will be able to see that you have to start setting the mood with her with the things you do outside the bedroom.

Small things like communicating $exual messages with her via text messages or even calling her and flirting with her does a lot of things to her mind.

Other things like lights, bed sheets, music etc can also create a different environment that mentally excites her. Just find out what she wants. For instance, some women are not comfortable having $ex with white light on. They prefer it in the dark or under a dim light.

4 - Master Foreplay and Kissing - A lot of Nigerian men do not know how to kiss a woman they love properly or how to give her a good foreplay before $ex.

Kissing is a powerful and emotional connector and it usually means a lot to women. It actually turns them on depending on the way the man is kissing her.

Also, if you know how to give her a good foreplay, you might be able to get her to orgasm several times even before penetration.

When you work on these 4 things, you are guaranteed to start seeing a great response in the way your partner responds to you in bed.

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