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Friday, 3 January 2014

Help!!! Am in Love with My sister

Dear Readers,
I hope this meets you well and I beg of you to post it .
What i’m about to say is considered a taboo in Africa but to us it’s not. I’m in love with my sister. We are in love with each other. My blood sister .She is 23 and I’m 27.

We have been dating each other for 2 years and people mistake our closeness for brotherly/sisterly love. It started after my ex-girlfriend of 5 years broke my heart in 2010 and left me for my friend.
My sister was my comforter and before we knew it, things became romantic. No one should judge us because it’s real love.

She was a virgin and she gave it to me. It’s a shame we found love in a hopeless place ‎.
The problem is how to break the news to our parents that we want to get married. Our plan is to elope to another country where this is not a taboo and get married.
Please do you and your readers know any country? I heard about China but I need English speaking Countries.

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